My New Book “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” is Out Now!

It is finally a reality! I have just launched a new page which talks about the release of my new book. Years of study and research has gone into this masterpiece I call, “Jody Rookstool’s Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” to give you the best of what Texas has to offer not only first time visitors, but also natives to this abundant land.

You might be asking yourself, “Why this book? What inspired it to be written?” I realized one day that no one person in Texas has explored every bit of Texas. There are plenty of places for everyone to enjoy no matter where they come from, so I asked everyone I knew and did my research of locations including fun things to do and sights to see. In this book, you’ll find what groups of people, including myself, agree to be the top places to visit in Texas to create memories to last a lifetime.

Not only will you get a list of places that you must see to have the full Texan experience, you also get history of the location as well as detailed descriptions of the region to make you feel like you’re already there.

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