My Book

JodyRookstoolBookThroughout my time living in the biggest state of America for 35 years, I’ve come to find that just about anywhere you go in the grand state of Texas, there is so much to do, so much to see and there are people from all walks of life in this beautiful land.

From all the various people I’ve met in my lifetime, we can all agree there are 12 of the best places in Texas everyone should visit.  This is what has inspired me to put together this book I call, “Jody Rookstool’s Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas,” which will point readers in the direction towards some of the most noteworthy locations in all of Texas, including but not limited to Cadillac Ranch, Moody Gardens and The Hill of James Magee.

Not only do you get a list of places I and other Texans highly recommend visiting, I’ve done my homework on the history of each location and given an in-depth description of these places to help the reader understand exactly why these places must be visited. My hope is that after reading this book, you venture out to see these places for yourselves with a clear understanding of all that Texas brings to both visitors and residents.